Manfrotto 303SPH Spherical Panorama Head (This is Wild)

Have you ever wondered how you can create 360 degree panorama shots or videos where you tour through a house or room with the ability to look in all directions?

Well, you use a panoramic photography head like the Manfrotto 303SPH.  

Now, this isn’t the easiest tripod head to use – you have to make a lot of small adjustments to get everything lined up properly around the camera and lenses “nodal point” so that all rotation essentially happens with that point being fixed in exactly the same place.

A tripod head like the 303SPH allows you to rotate the camera both horizontally and vertically while staying around the nodal point, which means you can make something called cubic VR photos, which are essentially 360 degree photos that result from you stitching all of the photos together in your editing software. The nice thing about this tripod head is that it is very precise (if you set it up correctly), which means you have to do very minimal correction work in your editing software.

The Manfrotto 303SPH comes with extra sliding plates so you can use it with different-sized cameras and it will hold up to 8.82 lbs.

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