Sub $100 Carbon Fiber Tripod From Neewer

You won't find a lot of carbon fiber tripods on the market that you can find for under $100 on a regular basis, but Neewer has taken on the challenge with their 66 inch carbon fiber tripod (which includes a ball head and transforms into a monopod).

Neewer Carbon Fiber 66 Inch 03
Neewer Carbon Fiber 66 Inch 01

Surprisingly Highly Rated Given the Price Point

As the old adage goes, "you get what you pay for", but it would appear that Neewer has been able to build a carbon fiber tripod that's fairly high-quality.  Is it a Manfrotto or Gitzo? No, and it's not priced like one either.

A small number of users have had issues with the build quality not being up to their standards, but overall, users seem to be very happy with this tripod.  My advice would be to order yours from a reliable vendor, like Amazon, and to inspect it upon receipt.

With care, this tripod can last you for years to come.

Two Versions to Choose From

Neewer makes a slightly upgraded version for slightly more money. It folds up to just 17.7 inches, has a larger tube diameter (28mm versus 25mm) and a larger load capacity (33 pounds versus 26.5 pounds), although you'll sacrifice 3.5 inches in max height (63 inches versus 63.5 inches).

Neewer Carbon Fiber 63 Inch 01
Neewer Carbon Fiber 63 Inch 02

Click here for pricing on the upgraded version.

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