Dolica Proline GX600B200 Tripod Review

Here’s a quick video review of the Dolica Proline GX600B200.

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I recently purchased this tripod and it’s great for most of my gear.  I probably won’t put a huge zoom lens on this tripod, but it’s great for most of my small lenses.

It’s just 24 inches long when collapsed, which makes it easy to throw into a suitcase or to strap to a backpack.

It comes with a removable ball head.

Overall, this tripod is hard to beat if you are thinking about getting a cheap tripod locally (which I don’t recommend).

Use Update:

I’ve been using this tripod for some time, in fact, right now it’s sitting in front of my camera holding my webcam.  Overall, this tripod has been awesome considering it’s weight and the price point.  Here’s why:

  • I took this on a trip to 12 National Parks, including Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park and I was actually able to use this tripod with my Canon 5D Mark III and my 17-40 L lens.  It takes a second or two for it to stabilize with a camera of that size, but I was able to use it to film quite a few DSLR videos.
  • The GX600B200 is very light, but still has a lot of features, which means I just put it into it’s carrying case (which comes with the camera if you use the Amazon link above), and I throw it over my shoulder, hardly noticing it’s even there.
  • I love the ball head functionality of this camera – it’s so easy to put the camera just where I want it.
  • The locking mechanism on the quick-release plate has already saved my camera from slipping out.
  • Because the GX600B200 is so light but still fairly sturdy, I’ve been using it to shoot video with my iPhone, my iPad mini, my webcam and my Canon 5D Mark III – it’s like a little swiss army knife, which surprised me based on the price point.

Unless you need a tripod for some longer zoom lenses, in which case I highly recommend the Manfrotto 055XPROB if you are on a budget or the Manfrotto 055CXPRO3 if you have a bigger budget (remember – a quality tripod is something you’ll use for 5-10 years, and the lighter the better if you are doing any type of photography that requires you to carry your tripod around).

For the best prices:

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I hope you enjoyed my Dolica Proline GX600B200 review.

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3 Responses to “Dolica Proline GX600B200 Tripod Review”

  1. Great review. I’ve had this tripod in my Amazon cart for about 2 weeks. Your review has convinced me to buy it.

  2. which Dolica tripod would be better ,the 65” or the 6o”. is the max height with the center piece fully extended .I’m 6 ft tall

    • Hi Mike, either one should work for you, but unless I need something to fit in my carry-on, I like to go for the tripod that has the greatest height before extending the center column (which decreases stability).

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