Manfrotto 504HD

The Manfrotto 504HD is a video head that can hold up to 16.3 pounds of your gear, which makes it suitable for your DSLR with accessories or a larger video camera.

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This head comes with a built in counterbalance system to help you setup quickly.

As you add more gear, finding a place to attach it can be a pain, so Manfrotto has two 3/8″ threads on the top plate for accessories.

Panning is achieved with ball bearings for smooth, vibration-free movements and you can control the resistance to panning with a variable friction system (FDS) which also works with the TILT axes. Here’s why this is nice. If you use different cameras or lenses, you can adjust to the FDS system to get similar movements.

Leveling the head is made easier with a 75mm diameter half ball and a back-lit bubble level.

Manfrotto 504HD

This is a great head if you are going to use your DSLR for video – especially if you are going to add a lot of the additional gear to the Manfrotto 504HD.

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Manfrotto 504HD with the Manfrotto 546 Video Tripod

The 504HD is made for a video tripod, which is setup to receive the 75mm diameter half ball that is on the bottom of the tripod head (unlike a traditional tripod made for photography).

If you’re new to video tripods, they have two or more columns per leg and all three legs are usually connected to increase the stability of the tripod. If you don’t have a set of video legs already, you can find good combo deals that include the 504HD with the legs.

Check out the 504HD with a solid Manfrotto video tripod on Amazon:

Manfrotto 504HD,546BK Video Tripod Kit with 504HD Head and 546 Tripod (Black)

That’s a wrap for the Manfrotto 504HD.

Dioclene - March 18, 2012

great post and good information. i would like to see more of these.

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