It’s supertropical for two days in a row… Typhoons are likely to rise to the East Sea next week

Heat waves and tropical nights are getting worse토토사이트.

In Gangneung, supertropical nights with the lowest temperature maintaining more than 30 degrees appeared for two consecutive days.

Typhoon No. 6 ‘Kanun’ is expected to head north to the East Sea of ​​Korea in the second half of next week.

This is reporter Jung Hye-yoon’s report.

Gangneung, with extreme heat and supertropical nights added to the heat wave, is truly a ‘cauldron’ bubbling over.

Last night, the lowest temperature in Gangneung was 30.7 degrees Celsius, higher than the previous day, showing supertropical nights for two consecutive days.

The midday heat wave is also getting stronger.

The daytime temperature in Gangneung soared to around 38 degrees, which is higher than human body temperature for the second day, and

Seoul also maintains a high temperature of around 34 degrees.

On weekends and holidays, the heat is expected to reach its peak, with the lowest temperature in Seoul reaching 27 degrees and the highest soaring to 36 degrees.

[Park Jung-min / Forecast Analyst, Korea Meteorological Administration: While heat wave warnings are in effect in most areas of the country, heat waves and tropical nights are expected to continue for the time being due to the North Pacific high pressure, which has a hot and humid nature.] Typhoon

No. are also likely to have a direct impact on

The Korea Meteorological Administration predicted that the typhoon would suddenly turn north in the sea south of Kyushu, Japan.

Afterwards, it is expected to penetrate the Japanese archipelago and advance to the East Sea.

After that, the course is flexible, but there is a possibility of passing the far sea of ​​the East Sea or, in the worst case, going north close to the East Sea and landing in North Korea.

The Korea Meteorological Administration called for thorough vigilance, saying that the possibility of typhoons having a large or small impact on Korea has increased.

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