Jeonbuk Scout claims “Sex crimes occurred in the field”… Decision to leave due to ‘insufficient measures’ 

“The Thai leader came into the women’s shower room and was discovered.

“The children said, ‘I can’t

stay out because I’m scared토토사이트.

A scout official from Jeonbuk Federation Be My Friend said at the on-site press center this morning, “A Thai leader came into the women’s shower room in the territory on the 2nd and was discovered.” “There are about 100 witnesses.” “I waited because they said they would proceed according to the World Jamboree procedure, but the result ended with a ‘warning’,” he said.

He said, “I reported it to the police with the leaders of Jeonbuk and was taken to the Buan Police Station. The seriousness of the incident was recognized and transferred to the Women and Youth Investigation Unit of the Jeonbuk Police Agency.”

The official said, “Even after several days, no action has been taken, and no measures have been taken to protect the victims or to separate them.”

He said, “As a result of talking with the crew, I am scared and say that I will not be able to stay in the manor.”

According to this official, the number of people admitted to the Jamboree from this group is 80, including 72 teenagers.

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