Rolls-Royce owner attacked by woman in her 20s… “He was the perpetrator of the school violence that appeared on the air”

Claims are spreading among netizens that the man who drove a car in Gangnam, Seoul and rushed into the sidewalk토토사이트, seriously injuring a woman in her 20s, is a 28-year-old man who appeared on the TV program ‘Song For You’.

On the 5th, multiple online communities claimed that Shin, a high school student at the time who appeared on the 2013 SBS program ‘Song For You’, was the same person as the perpetrator of the Rolls-Royce incident. At the time, the purpose of this program was to show how delinquent teenagers change through the process of preparing for a choir competition. At the time of the broadcast, Mr. Shin made remarks such as ‘I was cut off twice at school’ and ‘I buried the children in the ground’.

‘Caracula,’ a YouTuber specializing in incidents and accidents, who is receiving information about this incident, recently posted on his channel, “According to eyewitnesses, Shin stepped on the accelerator once more immediately after the accident even though the victim was under the car, hanging the victim on the outer wall of the building. The victim suffered more serious injuries,” he wrote. “The female victim is said to be in critical condition in the intensive care unit.”

The YouTuber continued, “Mr. Shin formed an emerging criminal group called ‘ MT5 ’ to create an overseas exchange for virtual assets so that it could be used as a payment method for drug commerce through Telegram. appears to have been intoxicated.” “They spend tens of thousands of won at clubs every week,

The YouTuber added, “We received a notice of a DDoS attack on the YouTube channel from a person presumed to be an acquaintance of Mr.

Netizens who encountered this commented, “Justice must win,” “Public debate should be made,” “The victim and the victim’s family are so sorry,” and “Seeing that the tattoos are the same, it seems that Song Po-yu is right.” seemed

Earlier, at 8:10 pm on the 2nd, near Apgujeong Station in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, a woman in her 20s was seriously injured when Shin’s Rolls-Royce SUV drove into the sidewalk . It was reported that she suffered serious injuries to her head and legs.

The vehicle crashed into the outer wall of the building and stopped. The police arrested Shin on the charge of violating the Act on Special Cases concerning the Handling of Traffic Accidents, and tested a simple drug reagent according to witnesses who said, “Shin spoke gibberish.”

As a result of the test, she tested positive for ketamine, but Shin stated, “I underwent surgery on the 31st of last month and was prescribed ketamine by the doctor.” Ketamine is a psychoactive drug used as an anesthetic and is also known as a ‘club drug’.

Shin stated to police that she “accidentally tried to get her cigarette out of the passenger side drawer”. Shin was said to have been released after about 17 hours of her arrest.

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