“Demand 100 million settlement money” “Conflict with Kim Yeon-kyung”… Lee Da-young’s ‘mouth’ only fueled controversy

In 2021, Da-young Lee (27), one of the ‘twin sister메이저사이트s’ who were identified as perpetrators of school violence (school violence) and expelled from the domestic volleyball world, opened her mouth. On the 5th, she was on her way to departure to join Bolero Le Canet (France), which she recently signed, at Incheon International Airport where she met reporters.

The key was ‘academic violence’. During the V-League in the 2020-2021 season, a middle school classmate of sisters Jae-Young Lee and Da-Young Lee revealed through an online bulletin board that they had been bullied during their school days. They acknowledged the fact with an apology through Heungkuk Life Insurance, their team at the time, and were disqualified from the national team indefinitely by the Korea Volleyball Association as well as indefinitely suspended from their team.

Lee Da-young, who lost her place in Korea and turned to overseas to join Bolero through PAOK (Greece) and Rapid Bucharest (Romania), said, “Time has passed and misunderstandings have accumulated. He said, “I came out (to the interview) to fix the part to be corrected.” He (a friend) tried to apologize, but he avoided contact and demanded (settlement money) 100 million won, which is an upset situation.” He continued, “I wrote the apology that the club suggested. There was something that didn’t fit, so I forced myself to write it. I got a lawyer to correct the false facts. Also, (sister) Jaeyoung wasn’t even in a fight. She appealed, saying, “I’m sorry that I couldn’t play volleyball because I’m a twin.” Lee Jae-young, who went to Greece with Lee Da-young right after the school violence incident, returned home early and still has no team.

Lee Da-young continued to argue about sensitive facts. It was about her senior, Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life Insurance), who was identified as causing a conflict within her team. He said, “The controversy is as it is. Rather, I want to ask why. I haven’t hit the ball I tossed once in 7 months,” he said.

Like two years ago, public opinion is cold this time around. Even if there is injustice, there are many points out that I should have been more careful in my remarks as it was the first time I personally conveyed my position after the controversy. I should have just apologized plainly, but the settlement money was highlighted.

In addition, Kim Yeon-kyung, who was again embroiled in discord, has completed registration as a candidate for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Athletes Commission. In one form or another, the aftermath is inevitable. This is the reason why there are high voices that the content and timing are regrettable.

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