Due to the influence of Typhoon ‘Kanun’ in the heat… The current situation?

Detailed typhoon situation Jae-Hoon Woo메이저놀이터, Korea Meteorological Administration Forecast Analyst, let’s find out.

Analyst, are you with me?

<Question 1> What is the current location of Typhoon Kanun, the radius of the typhoon, and when is it landing on the southern coast?

<Question 2> They say they are leaning more towards the west, is that correct?

<Question 2-1> The path of a typhoon is also unprecedented, and even if it lands due to its slow speed, won’t the damage be great if it stays for a long time?

<Question 3> The intensity level of typhoons is ‘strong’. A lot of rain is expected. In which region is the most rain expected?

<Question 4> I am also worried about the wind. What is the current gale radius and what is the central initial velocity?

<Question 5> It is said that this typhoon overlaps with a contrasting period with a large difference in ebb and flow. What happens when they overlap, and what to look out for on the shore?

<Question 6> Is there any chance that the typhoon will weaken with the landfall? In fact, the whole country is affected, so how can we prepare to minimize the damage?

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