Lee Jae-myung, “This is the second offense” at the identity ceremony of ‘Criticism of Jeonbuk members for early withdrawal from the Jamboree’

On the 7th, Lee Jae-myung, the representative of the Democratic Party, aimed at Rep. Shin Won-sik, who criticized the Jeonbuk Federation scouts who decided to leave the Saemangeum Jamboree early, and criticized People’s Power, saying, “Maybe this person doesn’t even know that this is a secondary offense.”

Previously, about 80 members of the 900th scouting team of the먹튀검증 Jeonbuk Federation resigned early on the grounds that the organizing committee did not properly take action against sex crimes that occurred the day before.

Representative Lee posted on his Twitter that day, “The power of the people Shin Won-sik,’Suspicion of Sexual Harassment’ 80 members of the Jamboree resigned, and after posting an article in the Kyunghyang Shinmun titled “Anti-Korea Cartel,” Rep. Shin criticized Congressman Shin

. The day before, on Facebook, he posted an article titled ‘The Jeonbuk Federation’s early withdrawal from the World Jamboree is the worst national betrayal.’ Rep. Shin repeatedly made the Jeonbuk Federation’s early withdrawal a problem

. “The organizing committee did not take proper measures against sex crimes that occurred within the territory, and the injuries of youth members continued to rise due to poor conditions,” he said. It is the worst national betrayal and reckless behavior.”

“The Jeonbuk Police Agency, which is investigating the Thai Boy Scout leader’s entry into the women’s shower room, said, ‘It is difficult to view it as an invasion for sexual purposes.’ The president also revealed his position to the effect that it was a simple mistake due to the Thai leader’s inability to distinguish between east, west, south, and north. Can there be a Boy Scout leader?” he asked.

In particular, “The federation treated the Thai leader’s simple mistake as a sex crime, just like a person waiting to be slapped because they wanted to cry, and used it as an excuse for early retirement.” It’s absurdity itself.”

He said, “In the end, given various circumstances, the decision to withdraw early from the regional team is simply insufficient to explain with words such as ‘shameless’ and ‘irresponsible’.” I can’t help but have doubts.”

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