UK scout “Jamboree participation fee is about 6 million won per person… prepared through fundraising”

The BBC said on the 7th (local time) that the scouts spent about 3,500 pounds (5.82 million won) each for the Jamboree, and that the cost was often raised through fundraising activities . and Reuters reported.

Scouts used to hold fundraising events to make and sell pins or cookies in schools and regions ahead of the Jamboree.

Olaf Clayton said her daughter Gabriela, 16, spent 18 months baking and selling bread, teaching English and working in her restaurant to pay for her participation. She also studied Korean language and culture, she added.

Chief Executive Matt Hyde told the BBC that the hotel move would cost more than £1m, meaning the UK scout would be unable to do what it had planned for the next three to five years.

Hyde said British scouts had continued to raise concerns about conditions on the ground and that some improvements had been made, but they were too small and too late.

He said that the conditions at the site crossed the red line in four respects: lack of shade, lack of food for crew members with dietary needs, poor sanitation, and insufficient medical services.

“We are disappointed with the organizers,” he said. “Before we went and during the event, we repeatedly raised some of these concerns, and we were promised that they would be corrected, but they did not.”

“If you imagine the toilets used by thousands of people not being cleaned regularly, you can imagine the situation,” he said.

Gabriela’s father said, “I was very upset about메이저놀이터 the early evacuation, but by the time we left the campsite, the sanitation and weather had deteriorated drastically and it was terrible.” “The children collapsed while waiting for the bus.”

“My daughter said something funny came out of the ground and there was a snake under the bed, but she said fortunately the Bangladeshi crew knew how to deal with it,” he said.

He pointed out, “It’s positive because my daughter went through a war-like experience and learned a lot, but not so much about Korea’s reputation for hosting such an event.”

Hyde told Reuters that it was “not safe even for adult volunteers”.

“The preparations for the event may have been impacted by COVID-19,” he said. “It is important that an independent review of the investigation be conducted.”

The BBC said an email sent to parents by the Scouts of England on July 31, before the Scouts arrived at the campsite, said: “The investigation has shown that we are not as prepared as we had hoped.”

Then, on August 2, the email said, “The facility continues to be improved.”

Hyde said, however, that the British Scouts’ contingency plans focused on participating in the Seoul program, so the Scouts still have good memories.

The UK is the largest participating country in the 2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree, with 4,400 youth and leaders.

They decided to withdraw from the campsite on the 4th and moved to a hotel in Seoul from the 5th.

Then, from 10:00 am on the 8th, as Typhoon Kanun moves north to the Korean Peninsula, all Jamboree participants will evacuate in an emergency from the campsite.

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