‘City value of 21.6 billion won’ Arrested for smuggling drugs into Korea by hiding them in panties

A gang of people who smuggled drugs worth more than 20 billion won from Thailand into Korea has been arrested and indicted.

According to a Yonhap News report, the Busan District 스포츠토토Prosecutor’s Office’s drug crime special investigation team arrested and indicted two people, including chief manager A and transporter B, for violating the Act on Aggravated Punishment for Specific Crimes.

Mr. A and others are accused of smuggling 6,576 grams of drugs, including methamphetamine, with a market value of 21.6 billion won, from Thailand to Korea on a total of 11 occasions from December 2022 to March this year. The narcotics in question are 6,468 g of methamphetamine, 239 tablets of ecstasy, and 101 g of ketamine.

Mr. A was in charge of the crime in Thailand, and Mr. B and other carriers boarded the plane by hiding drugs in underwear such as panties and bras.

After apprehending these carriers at Gimhae Airport in March, the prosecution has conducted a coordinated investigation with the Thailand Drug Administration and the US Drug Administration. Accordingly, Mr. A, who was arrested in Pattaya, Thailand in June of this year, was repatriated to Korea.

Mr. A started the crime to raise money to stay in Thailand, and has lived in a luxury villa with a swimming pool with the proceeds of crime through domestic distribution. It was revealed that the interior was decorated like an entertainment bar, offering villas to acquaintances as lodgings, and recruiting transporters by showing off their wealth by inviting female receptionists.

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