Typhoon Kanun crossed the truce line around 1 am… Passing 50km northeast of Ganghwa

 The Korea Meteorological Administration announced that Typhoon Kanun No. 6 crossed the cease-fire line around 1 am on the 11th and passed 50 km northeast of Ganghwa.

Kanun is recording a central pressure of 992 hPa (hectopascals) and a maximum wind speed of 19 m/s (68 km/h), and is moving northwest at 21 km/h.

Kanun is expected to pass through 60 km north-northeast of Ganghwa at 3:00 am, 70 km south-southeast of Pyongyang at 6:00 am, and 30 km south of Pyongyang at 9:00 am, and weaken to a tropical depression at 30 km west of Pyongyang at noon.

Kanun landed near Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do at 9:20 am the previous day, and stayed in Korea for about 16 hours, causing damage.

According to the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters (Critical Script), a total of 207 cases of damage to facilities occurred nationwide as of 11:00 pm the previous day. Although 40,358 households experienced power outages, 94.2% were restored. There were also 15,411 temporary evacuees.

In Daegu, one person died and one person went missing. However, the major script classified them as having suffered a water accident and a safety accident, so there are no official casualties due to the typhoon yet.

In addition, 355 flights from 14 airports were canceled, 127 passenger ships on 97 routes, and 92 ferries on 76 routes were suspended스포츠토토. 1,579 elementary, middle, and high schools also adjusted their school operation schedules in preparation for the Kanun North Uprising.

As of 1 am on the 11th, while typhoon warnings were issued in the metropolitan area, northern Yeongseo of Gangwon, and northern Chungcheong, there are places where strong rain of 10 to 20 mm per hour falls in the central region. In the metropolitan area and the west coast of Chungcheongnam-do, very strong winds with a maximum instantaneous wind speed of around 20 m/s (70 km/h) are blowing.

Until the morning of the 11th, the influence of typhoons will continue centering on the central region, and strong and heavy rain will fall centering on the metropolitan area and the northern inland of Gangwon.

Also, be aware that very strong winds blow on the southern coast, and damage from high waves and strong swells may occur.

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