National Liberation Day stepping stone holiday… Very congested on first day Saturday 

Due to outing vehicles this weekend, which includes the Liberation Day holiday period (August 12th to August 15th), highway traffic is expected to increase more than usual on weekends.

The traffic situation is expected to be more congested than usual on weekends on Saturdays in the direction of vacation destinations, but the return direction is expected to be similar to or more congested than usual weekends as it is distributed on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays.

In particular, the destination direction was expected to be the most congested on Saturday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, and the return direction was expected to be the most congested from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm on Sunday.

According to the Korea Expressway Corporation on the 11th, the traffic volume on highways this weekend was expected to be 5.58 million on Saturday (12th), 4.86 million on Sunday (13th), and 4.22 million on Tuesday (15th).

The average traffic volume for the past four weeks (excluding rain and holidays) was 5.41 million on Saturday and 4.73 million on Sunday. In contrast, traffic on Saturday and Sunday this week is relatively high.

The maximum expected travel time on Saturday is ▲Seoul-Daejeon 3 hours 50 minutes ▲Seoul-Busan 7 hours 10 minutes ▲Seoul-Gwangju 5 hours 40 minutes ▲Seoul-Mokpo 6 hours ▲Seoul-Gangneung 5 hours 40 minutes ▲Namyangju-Yangyang 4 hours 30 minutes, etc.

From Seoul on Sunday ▲Daejeon-Seoul 2 hours 30 minutes ▲Busan-Seoul 5 hours 20 minutes ▲Gwangju-Seoul 4 hours 20 minutes ▲Mokpo-Seoul 4 hours 40 minutes ▲Gangneung-Seoul 4 hours 40 minutes ▲Yangyang-Namyangju 4 40 minutes, etc.

This is based on the travel time between toll booths, and may change depending on the temporary concentration of traffic or unexpected situations such as accidents.

On Saturday, the Gyeongbu Line Giheung-Dongtan-Anseong, Bukcheonan-Cheongju, Seoul Yangyang Line Seondong-Seorak, and Donghongcheon-Naechon sections were designated as holiday destinations.

Daegwanryeong-Dunnae, Yeoju-Hobeop (minutes)안전놀이터

on the Yeongdong Line, Namchuncheon-Seorak, and Deokso Sampae-Gangil sections were selected as return routes on Sunday.

The Korea Expressway Corporation urged drivers to pay attention to safe driving such as drowsiness and negligence while driving during the summer vacation season. In particular, since drowsy driving accidents often occur during long-distance travel during holidays, you must take a sufficient rest at least every 2 hours at a drowsy shelter or rest area before driving.

An official from the Korea Expressway Corporation said, “As the possibility of vehicle breakdown and accidents increases due to the heat wave, it is good to prepare for the heat wave by checking the coolant leak, tire air pressure, brake pad wear and brake oil replacement timing.”

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