“I can’t express it in words”… 10th wedding anniversary trip turned into a nightmare due to wildfires in Hawaii

As you saw earlier, there are quite a lot of Koreans and tourists in Hawaii.

Correspondent Kim Yong-tae in Washington heard the story of a Korean family who went on a family trip to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary and encountered a forest fire.

Kim Kwang-min’s family arrived on the island of Maui, Hawaii on the 7th.

It was the Kim couple’s 10th wedding anniversary trip.

[Kim Kwang-min/Maui Island Tourist: My parents, then my sister, then my father-in-law, mother-in-law, and so on, 9 people came to Maui for sightseeing.] However, a day after

arriving in Hawaii, we encountered a forest fire.

[Kim Yeon-joo/Maui Island Tour Guide: The wind was so strong that the car was shaking so much that it almost fell over. The acting was indescribable.]

The trip immediately stopped, and I lost contact with my father, who was left alone in the dorm.

[Kim Kwang-min / Maui tourist : We are completely in mourning, and the Internet and phone calls are all disabled.] At the same time, my

father, who felt that the forest fire was not serious, evacuated in a hurry.

After a full day of wandering, the family was able to meet again.

[Kim Hyun-bae/Kim Kwang-min’s father (tourist)메이저놀이터: It’s a miracle. It’s a miracle. Isn’t that a miracle Ugh, everyone was crying and making a fuss. I know I’m wrong.]

However, I couldn’t find my luggage and passport that I had left at the dorm.

[Kim Kwang-min/Maui Island tourist: (Accommodation) There was a big mart next to it, and it burned down and the gas station next to it exploded. So, we must have been burned for now.]

The Kim family evacuated to another island, but there are not a few locals and Koreans who suffered more damage.

[Kim Yeon-joo/Maui Island Tour Guide: There are so many people who have lost their shops and houses, so it’s a pity to see them.] The

10th wedding anniversary family trip has become a nightmare, but Kim’s family says they received great help from the locals, so there is no greater damage. wished for

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