It also sells to customers in their 60s… Banks sell 50-year maturity bonds ‘frenzied’

It was found that the handling of 50-year mortgage loan products by major banks exceeded 1.2 trillion won in just one month after the launch.

According to the banking sector on the 13th, the amount of KB Kookmin, Shinhan, Hana , and NH Nonghyup banks’ 50-year maturity loans was approximately 1,237.9 billion won as of the 10th.

In one commercial bank, it was found that 48% of the total deposits handled after the product was launched were with a maturity of 50 years, in terms of amount.

Prior to this, major banks began to release 50-year maturity products in earnest from last month. Specifically, Nonghyup Bank began selling on the 5th of last month, Hana Bank on the 7th, Kookmin Bank on the 14th, and Shinhan Bank on the 26th.

Since the 10th, Kakao Bank has increased메이저놀이터 the maturity of Judamdae from 45 years to 50 years. It is known that Woori Bank plans to expand the maturity of the bank deposit from the 14th to 50 years from the maximum of 40 years.

The financial authorities recently announced that they would strengthen the management of the debt bond as household debt showed an increasing trend again, and among them, the debt bond with a maturity of 50 years was mentioned. It is to check whether the 50-year maturity bond is being used as a means of circumventing the DSR regulation.

An official from the financial authorities said, “It is not a product that should not have a 50-year maturity, but it does not seem appropriate business behavior to give out loans with maturities that are difficult to repay in reality.” It is interpreted as a remark pointing out that banks are selling 50-year maturity bonds to customers in their 50s and 60s without imposing age restrictions.

An official from the financial authorities said, “We decided that it was necessary to confirm that banks are indiscriminately giving out ultra-long term loans without safety measures such as age restrictions.”

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