DJ Soda, sexually harassed by the audience during a performance in Japan… “It’s so scary”

DJ Soda, a famous female DJ, recently said she was sexually harassed by an audience during a performance at an outdoor music festival in Japan . DJ Soda posted on her SNS , “She performed at the Music Circus Festival in Osaka, Japan on the 13th, and not one, but several people suddenly touched my breasts and helplessly sexually harassed me,” she wrote. She added, “I was so surprised and scared, but there were fans who loved me and even cried when they saw me, so I tried my best to pretend nothing was wrong to finish it until the end.” DJ Soda said, ” In 10 years of being a DJ , nothing like this has ever happened to her during a show, and she can’t believe she’s going through something like this (sexual harassment)”, she added메이저놀이터.

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