Basic pension with monthly income of 3.97 million won… ‘Excess Welfare’ Controversy

It was found that the basic pension, which was paid with less than 400,000 won in monthly income for single-family households, can be received even by the elderly who earn about 2 million won a month. This is because the selection criteria for the basic pension, which is paid to the elderly in the bottom 70% of income, has increased fivefold in 15 years as the level of income and property of the elderly has increased recently. In theory, even if an elderly person living alone without any property earns 3.97 million won a month, according to this year’s standard, he or she can receive a basic pension funded by taxes, raising concerns about equity.

According to the National Pension Research Institute on the 17th, the basic pension, which was expanded and reformed during the Park Geun-hye administration in 2014, paid up to 200,000 won per month at the time. The basic old-age pension, which was implemented in January 2008, was a recognized monthly income of 400,000 won (based on a single elderly household). Recognized monthly income is the sum of the monthly income evaluation and the monthly income conversion of 메이저놀이터property, and is calculated by adding various incomes such as earned income, other income (business/interest income), pension income, and financial assets and liabilities converted into income. . If the recognized monthly income is less than the selection standard, you can receive the basic pension.

Since then, the selection standard has been raised to 700,000 won in 2010, 1 million won in 2016, 1.8 million won in 2022, and 2.02 million won in 2023. According to Choi Ok-geum, Senior Research Fellow of the National Pension Research Institute, at the 7th meeting of the National Pension Financial Calculation Committee, ‘Problems of the current basic pension and improvement plans’, This is because the selection standard amount is raised every year to cover recipients aged 65 and older in the bottom 70% of income. In other words, the selection standard amount has increased more than 5 times in 15 years.

Actual income levels are likely to be much higher. This is because various deductions that subtract a certain amount from the calculation of the monthly recognized income have been continuously expanded to achieve the target benefit rate of 70% in income. In this year’s case , according to the calculation method (minimum wage 9,620 won per month × 20 days × 5.6 hours) , the basic pension earned income deduction amounted to 1.08 million won per month. When converting general property into income, 135 million won in large cities, 85 million won in small and medium-sized cities, and 72.5 million won in rural areas are deducted depending on the region of residence through deduction of basic property. 20 million won is deducted from financial assets, and liabilities are excluded. According to this method of calculating the amount of recognized income, it is theoretically calculated that the elderly living alone can receive the basic pension even if they earn up to 3.97 million won per month. Senior Research Fellow Choi pointed out, “If the basic pension is given even to the elderly with a considerable amount of recognized monthly income, difficulties in eliciting social sympathy and consensus may be added.”

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