Korean Air will measure passengers’ weight from the 28th… “You can refuse if you don’t want to”

Korean Air will measure the weight of passengers on domestic and international flights. Passengers who do not wish to be measured may refuse to do so.

According to Korean Air on the 19th, it plans to measure the standard weight of passengers, including carry-on luggage, from the 28th to the 6th of next month for domestic users at Gimpo Airport, and the 8th to 19th of next month for international users at Incheon Airport.

According to Korean Air, the measurement of passenger standard weight this time is in accordance with the notification of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s ‘Aircraft Weight and Balance Management Standards’, airlines must measure the standard weight of passengers at least every five years or when necessary and average it. This figure is used when calculating aircraft weight or weight distribution.

Accordingly, Korean Air passengers will be weighed in front of the gate before boarding, along with their carry-on baggage메이저놀이터. This data is collected anonymously and used as data for safe flight, and if you do not want to measure it, you can tell the staff when boarding.

Previously, in the 2017 survey, 81 kg for adult males and 69 kg for adult females were set as the standard for summer. The Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA ) recommends 88.4 kg for adult males and 70.3 kg for adult females.

The reason why airlines measure passengers’ weight is to ensure safe flight and reduce fuel costs. Airplanes usually fly with about 1% more fuel than they actually need, but it is known that being able to accurately weigh passengers can reduce the amount of additional fuel consumed, saving about $1 billion a year.

Hawaiian Airlines, Finnair, etc. measure the weight of passengers and reflect it on the flight. Among domestic airlines, T’way Air and Jeju Air also measured their weight in 2018.

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