“Someone farts every 30 minutes. Please broadcast announcements” Korail’s absurd complaint

Korea Railroad Corporation (Korail) has released civil complaints received through ‘Korail Customer Voice’.

On the 18th, Korea Railroad Corporation’s official YouTube channel, Korea Railroad TV , revealed the types and contents of frequently메이저놀이터 received complaints, such as absurd complaints and emotional complaints from passengers.

According to Korail, as of last year, there were 56,660 complaints, which is 144 on average per day.

One of the absurd complaints that Korail revealed was that there was a passenger who farted every 30 minutes, so they asked for an announcement.

The complainant said, “There is a passenger who farts every 30 minutes from Gwangju Songjeong Station, and the smell makes me dizzy.”

KORAIL employees said that the civil complaint was a physiological phenomenon and that the announcement was not possible.

There was also a story of a high school girl falling asleep and passing her destination and being cut off until the last train, and Korail employees waited with her until her parents arrived.

I had to get off at Daejeon, but it was a touching story that the Seodaegu Station staff waited for a high school girl who got off at Seodaegu Station for about two hours. This story became known when the parents of a high school girl posted a thank-you note to the voice of customers. The employee received a commendation.

Korail employees said that they frequently receive complaints about ticket refunds, supplementary fares to prevent illegal rides, and discount cards.

The additional fare refers to a differential application system for each type that adjusts the existing fare from 10 times to 30 times to prevent illegal rides.

Kim Yeon-si, deputy director of Korail Service Innovation Department, said, “We try to kindly guide civil petitioners, but there are times when it is difficult because we are human beings.”

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