A Japanese host is invited to the festival of Admiral Yi Sun-sin?

 The ‘Myeongnyang Battle Festival’ commemorating the Great Victory of Myeongnyang, in which the Joseon naval forces led by Admiral Yi Sun-sin won a great victory against Japan, was embroiled in a Japanese controversy.

According to the official website of the ‘2023 Myeongryang Daecheop Festival’ on the 20th, Yukio Tanaka (comedian Kim Kyung-wook) will be a special guest at this year’s festival.

The Festival Promotion Committee promoted the news of the performance on SNS with a photo of Yukio Tanaka, saying, ‘We invite you to Tanaka-san’s spectacular performance! ‘

As news like this became known, criticism comments were pouring into the festival’s social media account. It is pointed out that it is not appropriate to have a Japanese concept entertainer as a congratulatory celebrity for the Myeongnyang Battle Festival. Yukio Tanaka is a fictitious character played by Korean comedian Kim Kyung-wook with the concept of a male worker at메이저놀이터 a Japanese entertainment establishment.

In particular, the hashtag (#) of ‘Moe Moe Goong’ and ‘Myeongryang! Because we are ready to enjoy together at the celebration show,” he added to the Korean text borrowed from the Japanese pronunciation, causing public outrage.

Netizens are criticizing, “Are the people who approved this plan Korean?” “I don’t know what the Great Battle of Myeongnyang is like” “The Great Battle of Myeongnyang is a concept entertainer working at a Japanese entertainment establishment in the Great Battle of Myeongnyang” and “Are you aiming for ‘noise marketing’ for a sacred festival?”

The organizers of the festival, Jeonnam-do, Haenam-gun, and Jindo-gun, and the organizer, the Myeongryang Battle Commemoration Business Association, have not issued any notice or clarification at this time .

The Myeongnyangdaecheop Festival is a national historical and cultural festival commemorating the brilliant victory in the world maritime history in which the Joseon navy and Jeolla-do people won a great victory against the Japanese navy in 1597. It will be held for three days from September 8th to 10th at Uldolmok, Haenam-gun, Usuyeong Tourist Area and Jindo-gun Green Tourist Area.

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