“Blow 10 million won” “Make twice as much”… Companies whose stockholders are unhappy

The joys and sorrows of the employees of Socar and Open Edge Technology are mixed ahead of the lifting of the protection of the stockholders.

Socar is in a situation where losses are inevitable as the current stock price is cut in half compared to the public offering price. On the contrary, Open Edge Technology is expected to make a big profit as it has risen nearly twice the public offering price.

According to the financial investment industry on the 21st, the mandatory stock deposit period for Socar, which was listed in August last year, expires on the 22nd. Employees are now able to sell shares that they could not dispose of because they were bound by bondage.

At the time of listing, Socar allocated 20% (728,000 shares) of the total public offering to the employee stock ownership association at the public offering price of 28,000 won. However, due to the low subscription participation rate, the actual subscription volume was only 286,300 shares.

Considering that the number of employees is 400 based on the investment prospectus submitted at the time of listing, it is equivalent to investing an average of 20 million won per employee and receiving 715 shares.

A lot of money was put in, but it is expected to be a rough road until the investment is recovered. One year after entering the stock market, Socar’s stock price is 13,000 won. This is a 53.57% drop from the IPO price. If we sell employee stocks like this, each person will suffer a loss of more than 10 million won.

It is an analysis that it is not easy to make a profit even if you do not sell right away and wait. This is because the average target price of Socar presented by securities firms was only 25,000 won, less than the public offering price. It is pointed out that the public offering price is overvalued. In fact, Socar’s stock price (based on the closing price) has never exceeded the offering메이저놀이터 price after listing.

Poor profitability is also considered a factor hindering the rise of the stock price. In the second quarter of this year, Socar recorded sales of 103.9 billion won and operating profit of 1.6 billion won. This is an increase of 14.1% and 14.5%, respectively, compared to the same period last year. However, marketing costs skyrocketed by 66%. It is evaluated that profitability has deteriorated as costs have increased despite the increase in body size.

Jehyeon Ryu, a researcher at Mirae Asset Securities, said, “Profitability improvement is being delayed despite external growth.

Employees of Open Edge Technology, whose stockholders’ protection Jesus is being released at the same time, are laughing out loud. The mandatory stock deposit period for Open Edge Technology, which entered the KOSDAQ market in September last year, ends on the 26th of next month.

At the time of listing, Open Edge Technology allocated 220,000 shares, or 6.5% of the public offering shares, to the employee stock ownership association at the public offering price of 10,000 won. As the employees actively participated in the subscription, the stock allocated to the employee stock was sold out. Based on the investment prospectus, the number of employees is 61, and each employee was allocated 3606 shares with an investment of about 36 million won.

Currently, Open Edge Technology shares are priced at 19,150 won, up 91.5% from the public offering price. The value of each employee’s stake reaches 69,054,900 won, so you can earn a profit of about 33 million won.

At the time of listing, Open Edge Technology failed to perform at the box office, such as poor performance in demand forecasting. However, the stock price soared to a maximum of 27,750 won, showing back to the artificial intelligence (AI) craze.

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