Seoi-cho’s ‘pencil incident’ parents are incumbent police officers

The so-called ‘pencil case’ in relation to the death of a teacher in Seoi-cho was confirmed as a result of <Oh My News> coverage of the student’s parent as an incumbent police officer belonging to the main office of the National Police Agency. The parent called and sent long text messages to the dead teacher’s cell phone, and her husband visited the school the next day. The police, who previously announced that the parents had never called the teacher first, explained, “It was not the announcement of the final investigation results.” 

The ‘pencil incident’ was reported to have occurred in the class of a teacher at Seoi Elementary School who died, and the deceased complained of pain due to complaints from parents. 

According to Attorney Yujin Moon, the legal representative of the bereaved family, Mr. A, a student parent and incumbent police officer who perpetrated the pencil case, called the deceased’s mobile phone twice around 3:30 pm on July 12th. Mr. A also sent a long text message at 9:01 pm on the same day, saying that he was unfair.

At 9:30 am the next day (July 13), Mr. A left several text messages to the deceased using the teacher’s business messenger (HiTalk). The text message reads, “I feel slightly unfair after hearing the story of ◯◯ (Mr. A’s child), but (the teacher needs to tell the victim’s parents) that they need to check the facts”, “As the victim’s parents, tell the victim (due to the pencil case) It contains content such as, “If a scar remains, I will resent it for the rest of my life.”

On this afternoon, Mr. A’s husband visited the school himself. 

In response to such a protest, the deceased sent a text message to Mr. B, the parent of the victim, asking for a ‘fact check’ via HiTalk. 

On the same day, the deceased sent a KakaoTalk message to his mother from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm, saying, “It’s too hard.” He also said in a notice sent to parents on the 17th, the day of his death, “If you have any business, please contact the homeroom teacher by Hi-Talk or (school) extension phone.”

The bereaved side “Police, hurry up to announce no charges… I’m puzzled”

The fact that Mr. A made two phone calls to the deceased on July 12 is somewhat different from the previous police announcement. 

On August 14, a month after the incident, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said, “We investigated the four parents, but it has not been confirmed that the parents of the pencil case called the teacher first.” I couldn’t,” he said. 

However, Yujin Moon, an attorney on the side of the bereaved family, said, “After investigating the case as a lawyer in charge, I found that the parents of the perpetrator were police officers and that they called (the deceased’s) personal cell phone twice.” 

He continued, “It was very strange that the police hurriedly announced ‘no charges’ even though the investigation was ongoing (last August 14).” “We must secure additional evidence so that the truth of the case will not be buried. It should be recognized as a ‘defeated job’ due to this,” he emphasized.

Police “Unable to confirm personal information… The previous announcement is not the final announcement”

A Seocho Police Station official said in a written response sent to <Oh My News>, “The job of the parent (Mr. A) is not related to this case메이저놀이터 and corresponds to personal information. So, I can’t confirm it.” 

“After the deceased called some parents using a work cell phone number,

He replied, “It is difficult to confirm the contents of the statement of the witness (Mr. A) (who attended and talked to the police).” 

<Oh My News> tried to contact Mr. A several times through phone calls and text messages, but could not reach him.

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