“Part-time job 3.75 million won per month”… How long has it been since the start of ‘Tanghulu’, which has grown rapidly?

Street food ‘Tanghulu’ from China has emerged먹튀검증 as the ‘favorite snack’ of elementary school students. Tanghulu is a representative winter snack in North China, and in China, hawthorn fruit is blossomed on a stick and boiled in sugar like syrup. make it buried

Due to its high popularity, the number of famous Tanghulu franchise stores increased rapidly from about 50 at the beginning of this year to 300 in July. The job posting at the Tanghulu store located in Gangnam Station became a hot topic in the online community.

The part-time job that makes Tanghulu is 6 days a week, more than 1 year, the day of the week is negotiated, the working hours are from 11:00 to 23:00 , and the monthly salary is presented as 3.75 million won. In terms of hourly wage, it is about 13,000 won.

Netizens responded in various ways, such as “More than my salary”, “I earn that much in that amount of time”, “The line at the Tanghulu store is so long that I can’t rest”, and “Never go there”.

Start-up costs were also discussed. According to the start-up cost disclosed by Wanga Tanghulu, the interior cost was 22 million won, and the interior and exterior signs were set at 6.5 million won. An additional charge of 1.3 million won is incurred for each additional 1 pyeong, and the standard for signboards is 3M. The education cost was set at 3 million won, and the use of promotional materials and equipment was set at 400,000 won. Tanghulu furnishings are supported by the head office. In addition to this, it costs 68.5 million won, excluding water costs, to open a Tanghulu affiliate store, including other household items and kitchen equipment. The head office explains that cooking is easy, so anyone with enough capital can start a business.

Tanghulu’s start-up cost is similar to that of ‘cheap coffee’ franchise stores. When starting up Mega Coffee, the store owner had to pay about 67 million won, The Venti and Paek Coffee in the upper half of 70 million won, and Compose Coffee’s contribution was 100 million won.

In this regard, an official from the franchise industry said, “The amount does not include rent and labor costs.”

There is a lot of sugar , so beware of excessive intake

Experts say that since the amount of sugar syrup used in Tanghulu is substantial, care should be taken when it is consumed by elementary school students. In addition, due to the nature of sugar that hardens and hardens, prosthetics or braces may fall out if chewed incorrectly, which can cause damage to the teeth and temporomandibular joints of elementary school students.

There are also increasing cases of people getting burned while making Tanghulu at home or being damaged by Tanghulu skewers abandoned on the roadside.

In the self-employed community, they complained of pain, saying, “(Eating Tanghulu) came and threw it away at our store, but it was a sharp skewer and came out through the garbage bag” and “The floor is sticky because of Tanghulu.” As the damage continued in the store, a ‘No Tanghulu Zone ‘ store was created to restrict customers who enter the store with Tanghulu.

In this situation, Tanghulu store owners are also in a difficult situation. Business owners are trying to minimize inconvenience by attaching signs such as “Put it in the trash can in the store” and “Do not throw garbage on the street.”

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