Boo Seung-chan, former spokesman of the Ministry of National Defense, accuses Baek Jae-kwon of ‘visiting the candidate site for the official residence’

Baek Jae-kwon, an adjunct professor at Cyber ​​Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, who was confirmed to have visited the candidate site for the official residence, has decided to file a complaint with the police today.

The legal representative for former spokesman Boo told MBC today, “Recently, in the 4th suspect newspaper against former spokesman Boo, the police said that ‘Professor Baek visited the Office of the Army Chief of Staff and the Seoul Office of the Army Headquarters’.” It is.

Former spokesman Bu explained the reason for the accusation, saying, “Because Mr. Baek is a civilian who does not have permission to enter the office of the Chief of Staff of the Army Headquarters and the Seoul Office of the Army Headquarters, it is clear that he is suspected of violating the Military Facility Protection Act.

” The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, which has shown a lukewarm attitude to the investigation, saying there is no way to do it, must immediately summon Mr. Baek for investigation.”

He added, “The police must directly investigate whether the person on the CCTV screen is Mr. Baek, where he visited and who he accompanied, and whether he mentioned the results of the visit to the president.”

Spokesman Bu’s side plans to file a complaint메이저사이트 with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency today at 2:30 pm.

Previously, the police investigated the allegation that ‘Cheonggong’, a reverse technique, was involved in the transfer of the presidential residence, and confirmed that Mr. Baek, not Perforation, visited the Army Chief of Staff’s official residence in March last year.

Police are said to have obtained and confirmed related statements while investigating military officials and visitors who had contact with them at the time.

After the CCTV analysis was completed in April, the police said, “There is no video related to perforation,” and has been investigating the possibility that military officials may have mistaken Professor Baek for perforation because of his beard.

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