Do you remember ‘Martian Yurima’ who married Miss France in the 1980s?

This week’s ‘Old Magazine’ topic is a story about a strange but interesting Korean man who was published in <Lady Kyunghyang> 40 years ago in 1983.

Yurima, a Korean man, professes to be a ‘Prince from Mars’. It seems like an absurd story, but as he actually succeeded in marrying Brigitte Chauquet, Miss France (designated as Princess Venus by Yurima), who visited Korea for the ‘1980 Miss Universe Pageant’, the rumor-like story turns into news that makes headlines in every media outlet. do.

Self-proclaimed ‘Martian’ Yurima and Miss France Brigitte Choquet held a special wedding in a small French village in December 1982, and the news of this marriage became a hot topic enough to be introduced in the domestic and French media. What the hell kind of story is this?

According to Sister X, certified memory commentator of ‘Old Magazine’, on May 18, 1980, after the Gwangju Democratization Movement, in June, less than a month later, beauties from all over the world visit Seoul. It’s because the ‘Miss Universe pageant’ was held. Beauties representing 69 countries visited Korea and took a swimsuit pictorial at Gyeongbokgung Palace and even held a street march in Jongno, where a noisy global competition was held. It was an event in which the new military government’s political intentions to divert the public’s attention to other places were strong. At this time, Yurima’s amazing story also draws public attention.

He is a person who thought of himself as a ‘Martian Prince’ since childhood, and although it has not been confirmed, various episodes have been handed down. Some say he claimed to have been a Martian prince in his previous life, while others say he awakened to being a Martian prince as he repeatedly had the same dream in his adolescence. There is also a story that he eventually gave up his public education due to his belief that he was a Martian and even studied six or seven languages ​​for a princess who did not know when or where he would come.

Common sense makes it a bit hard to believe, but the love story of Yurima and Brigitte Shoke is even harder to believe.

She firmly believes in herself as a Martian prince, and Yurima, who has been waiting for Princess Venus, accidentally watches the Miss Universe TV broadcast. There she discovers Brigitte Chauquet from France. Over Brigitte, he begins to believe that ‘that woman is the Venusian princess she saw in her dreams!’ However, Brigitte Schochke had already finished the event and returned to her home country.

After Yurima’s search, she finds out the address of Brigitte Schochke’s house, and she says, ‘I am the Prince of Mars, you are the Princess of Venus,’ and she sends letters of courtship and persuasion once every three메이저놀이터 weeks. It is said that she spent two years steadily and the amount reached over 70 barrels.

In the end, the French beauty admires the love of a man from a small country in the East. He sends Yurima her own hair and her Miss Universe badge as a token, and the two of them confirm their feelings.

In this way, in the January 1983 issue of Lady Kyunghyang, a correspondent for the Kyunghyang Shinmun in France (reporter based in France) vividly captures the wedding of the two together with photos. What would the wedding look like for the two, who even illuminated the local French media?

Also, what was their married life like? Yurima prophesied that if the Prince of Mars meets and marries the Princess of Venus, a spaceship will fly near Australia and take them back to their hometown. Did the prophecy come true?

It’s not a made up story. We tell the story of Yurima, a 75-year-old Korean man who had a strange but dreamy dream.

Do you know the detailed story? Please check it out on the YouTube channel <Old Magazine>.

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