“No investment in China”… US Commerce Department rejects withdrawal of export controls

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Lemondo returned to Korea after completing a four-day visit to China. During his visit to China, Secretary Lemondo succeeded in establishing a working group to deal with trade issues between the United States and China, but rejected China’s request to lift export controls on semiconductors and advanced technologies.

During his visit to China, Minister Lemondo met with Premier Li Qiang and Vice Premier Heifeng, including the Commerce Ministers’ Meeting held in Beijing. At the meeting with Premier Li Chang, Minister Lemondo said, “I have no intention of suppressing China’s development, and I want to maintain normal economic and trade relations and promote the stable development of the relationship between the two countries.”

Regarding the first vice-secretary-level ‘Export Control Enforcement Information Exchange’ consultation held in Beijing, Secretary Lemondo drew a line, saying, “The goal is to build transparency and understanding of U.S. laws, and we are not seeking new negotiations.” .

At the same time, he emphasized, “Communicating and talking informally is itself progress,” and “Dialogue does not mean compromise and concessions, but rather means reducing misjudgments and sharing information.”

During his visit to China, Minister Lemondo revealed businessmen’s negative perception of China, prompting China to quickly provide an explanation. He said on the train traveling from Beijing to Shanghai the previous day, “I am hearing more and more from companies that China has become too risky and uninvestable .”

Secretary Lemondo said of this, “The enormous fines without 메이저놀이터any explanation and the revision of the Espionage Act that shocked American society,

Reuters reported that Secretary Lemondo’s ‘no investment’ statement was the most direct statement during his visit to China and was one that could lead to a backlash from China.

After the remark was made public, Liu Fengyu, a spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in the United States, immediately objected to Secretary Lemondo’s remarks, saying, “Nearly 70,000 American companies operating in China want to continue doing business.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin also said, “The essence of China-US trade relations is mutually beneficial,” and “politicizing and securitizing economic and trade issues will have a serious impact on mutual trust.”

At the closing press conference on the day, Secretary Lemondo also said that there is a strong desire among American companies to develop bilateral relations, and emphasized that although some of the Chinese government’s actions are positive, the actual situation on the ground must match the words.

Secretary Lemondo did not initially expect a breakthrough on issues affecting U.S. businesses, but said the visit addressed “difficult issues” and was “very productive” and hoped “we’ll see some results” in the coming months. added.

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