“Police film prostitution women naked and share crackdown team group chat room”

A woman caught in a crackdown on prostitution is seeking compensation from the state, claiming that human rights and basic rights have been violated due to illegal police investigations, such as having her body filmed in the name of collecting evidence.

On the 30th, lawyers for a democratic society (Minbyun) and the lawyers for illegal investigation and state compensation litigation announced in a press conference that they would file a damages lawsuit against the state to improve the police’s illegal investigation practices.

At the press conference that day, attorney Kim Ji-hye said, “The police filmed the naked body of prostitute A during the crackdown on prostitution, and shared the footage in a group chat room with 15 members of the crackdown team.”

She continued, “The police claim that they can of course take pictures or videos at the scene of the crackdown, but this amounts to a compulsory disposition that restricts fundamental rights.” It is not an act,” he said.

“We confirmed that illegal investigations into prostitution먹튀검증 women have been repeated as a practice for a long time,” he said. In order to change it, we filed a lawsuit for compensation from the state.”

At the press conference, Mr. A said, “After the investigation, I lived with the illusion that I could hear the sound of a camera shutter for a while.”

He also said, “I think there must have been many cases like mine in the process of cracking down on prostitution, but because prostitution is illegal, I couldn’t say that it was unfair from the point of view of a criminal, or even if I shouted that it was unfair, I would have had no choice but to be turned away.”

She said, “I hope that this incident will serve as an opportunity to stop the human rights violations of investigations against women selling sex.”

Attorney Changmin Lee pointed out, “It is necessary to use professional shooting equipment, not a general mobile phone, regarding body shooting tools,” and “If a general mobile phone is used, there is a risk of being transmitted to a third party or hacked.”

In addition, he proposed improvement in the direction of evidence collection, saying, “Evidence should be stored on an internal server that is strictly secured, and evidence should be shared only when necessary.”

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