I got off work… My day became a drama and was aired

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Go to work as usual. Unexpected things happen at work. The dismissal must be notified to subordinates. It’s something you don’t want to do, but it’s work. Unexpectedly, my ex-lover sends me a text message on my cell phone. After hesitating, I answer and meet in the evening. I do things that make my fiancé, who lives with me, feel guilty, but I deal with the situation wisely. It was a day where a lot happened for John (Annie Murphy), but it wasn’t enough to shake up his life. But when he returns home, something unexpected happens.

To relieve the fatigue of the day with her fiancé Krish (Abby Nash), she turns on the online video service ( OTT ) ‘Streamberry’. When I’m choosing what to watch, there’s a new drama called ‘John is Terrible’. John, a character with the same appearance as John, is the main character, and is played by famous actress Salma Hayek. The drama surprisingly reenacts what happened to John that day. In the drama, John is portrayed as meaner and more selfish than he actually is. Off-screen, John’s life turns into a nightmare.

What happened? Can John turn his life around? Can he claim damages against famous OTT ? As questions continue to arise메이저놀이터, bizarre events unfold. The ‘John is Terrible’ episode of Season 6 of the popular British drama series ‘Black Mirror’ predicts the gloomy future that cutting-edge science and technology will create.

John in ‘John is Terrible’ is not the only one who experiences embarrassment. In ‘Lake Henry’, Davis (Samuel Blekins) also faces a situation that will change his entire life. Davis visits his Scottish hometown village with his girlfriend. Two film students try to make a documentary about the terrible events that occurred in their village. Serial murder becomes their present, not the past.

‘Somewhere beyond the sea’ is also based on a terrible imagination. It centers on two men who set out on a space mission, leaving behind robots that look exactly like them on Earth. The two, who were able to lead their daily lives on Earth through robots, experience an unexpected incident and what happens afterward stimulates curiosity and creates a thrill. It suggests that humans’ fragile emotions and jealousy can transform science and technology into terrible tools at any time.The stories covered in Season 6 of ‘Black Mirror’ are as quirky and bizarre as the previous seasons. It is a feast of stories created by imagination. The stories mainly lead to criticism of the social situation. In Season 6, ‘Devil 79’ takes the harshest view of reality. It is set in 1979, when the British Conservative Party returned to power and Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister. It shows how racism can turn the world into hell, and predicts that the arms race could ultimately lead humanity to destruction. Would you say that Russia is invading Ukraine, that the conflict between countries is becoming sharper, and that racial conflict is unusual?

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