“No matter how much I chewed it, I couldn’t chew it and spit it out” What’s inside the famous hamburger patty?

A claim was made that tape dissolved in oil was found in a famous franchise hamburger meat patty.

According to Yonhap News on the 2nd, Mr. A, who lives in Gimpo, Gyeonggi Province, ordered a hamburger from a Burger King store near his house on the 26th of last month and brought it home packaged.

While Mr. A was eating a hamburger with his children, he felt like something was not chewing.

Ms. A, who felt something strange and spit out the food, found two pieces of foreign matter in the patty. When I looked at the foreign object closely, I saw that ‘ KING’ , the latter part of the English letters for Burger King , was engraved on it.

When surprised Mr. A inquired at the store, Burger King initially responded that it was ’tissue paper’, but then changed the statement to say that the메이저놀이터 packaging tape went in and melted when the meat patties were grilled.

The store admitted that it was a mistake in the cooking process, saying they even experimented with baking the tape in oil.

Person A believed that Burger King needed to raise awareness as it is a large restaurant company and reported this incident to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Mr. A said, “I hadn’t even taken a few bites of the hamburger before something came out. The store offered me a gift certificate (as compensation), but I decided it would be better to inform the media for the public interest, so I only received a refund.”

Burger King stated, “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers, and we will make more thorough efforts to manage hygiene in the future.”Meanwhile, Burger King came under fire in 2021 after plastic packaging was discovered on its hamburger patties.

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