Ilta instructor Jeon Han-gil said, “I have no intention of going into politics… Hong Beom-do, a great independence fighter.”

Jeon Han-gil, a ‘lecturer on Korean history’ who was criticized for sparing words in response to the controversy over the removal of the bust of General Hong Beom-do at the Korea Military Academy, calling it a ‘political dispute’, expressed his stance again, saying, “General Hong Beom-do is a great independence fighter.”

Mr. Jeon said on his YouTube channel community on the 5th, “The world is in an uproar these days with the story of General Hong Beom-do, and even when I don’t say anything about it, they are making their own conclusions about which political line it is,” adding, “I am telling it as it is because I am afraid there is a possibility of misunderstanding.” “I want to give it to you,” he said.

He said, “You can see what I think about General Hong Beom-do’s achievements by looking at the lecture ‘2020 2.0 All-in-One Concept Completion’ uploaded last year.” He added, “In every past lecture, I have consistently lectured (General Hong Beom-do) as a great independent soldier, and no one disputes this. “There won’t be any,” he said.

He continued, “It is an objective fact that has already been revealed and known, so there is nothing to dispute. However, the issues that are happening now and in the news have already degenerated into political issues, with the ruling and opposition parties fighting, and the public divided into support and opposition.” “I was holding back because it was obvious that if I said anything, it would cause controversy,” he explained.

He added, “I hope that through this opportunity메이저놀이터, the public’s interest in history will grow, and the education and importance of Korean history will increase, whether in the CSAT or civil service examination.”

Mr. Jeon recently did not reveal his position on the issue of relocating the bust, so he received a barrage of negative comments such as ‘The reaction of turning a blind eye is cowardly and without conscience’ and ‘You voted for number 2 (meaning you voted for number 2 during the presidential election).’ Although he is refraining from speaking due to “political disputes,” his attitude is quite different from his past attitude when he harshly criticized the conversion of Incheon International Airport Corporation to full-time employees and the Moon Jae-in administration’s appointment of former Blue House Youth Secretary Park Sung-min in 2021.

In response, Mr. Jeon emphasized, “(I am) not a politician, have no intention of getting involved in politics, and have no political interests,” and added, “As I have done so far, as a lecturer on Korean history for the civil service exam, I will lecture based on facts.”

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