The final moments of a burning weather satellite were captured on camera.

IT media Gizmodo reported on the 7th (local time) that the European Space Agency ( ESA ) released a video of the final moments of a meteorological satellite crashing and burning in the Earth’s atmosphere . At the end of July, the weather satellite ‘Aeolus’ crashed and burned up in Earth’s atmosphere. This was conducted under a ‘crash experiment’ in which ESA safely dropped an aging satellite to Earth.

ESA combined eight images of Aiolos’ last moments and released them as a new animation. The photo was taken by Germany’s Fraunhofer ( FHR ) high-frequency physics radar TIRA ( Tracking and Imaging Radar ) for about 4 minutes when the Aiolos satellite fell at around 12:20스포츠토토 p.m. on July 28.

Aiolos is a meteorological satellite launched by ESA in August 2018 that has orbited the Earth at an altitude of 320 km for the past five years and collected meteorological observation data using an ultraviolet laser .

However, as this satellite became obsolete, ESA began an experiment on July 24 to bring Aiolos to Earth in order to reduce the number of satellites abandoned in Earth’s orbit. ESA sent its last command to Aiolos at 11:34 on July 28, after which it was no longer able to communicate with the satellite and disappeared into a falling fireball.

“Aiolos has set an incredible example of sustainable spaceflight and responsible operations,” said Aiolos mission manager Tommaso Farinello. “This image is a final farewell to our mission.”

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