“He died after returning the smart watch” Personal information of bereaved family of Incheon stalking murder revealed

On the 8th, a post was posted on an online bulletin board saying, ‘My younger brother died after suffering from stalking.’

They were the surviving family members of Eun-chong Lee, who was stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend on her way to work from her home in Namdong-gu, Incheon last July.

The victim’s family, who posted a post, revealed part of Lee Eun-chong’s name and face and demanded severe punishment for the perpetrator.

According to the bereaved family, the perpetrator, Mr. A, met the victim, Mr. Lee, at a tennis club and worked at the same place. He wanted to marry her, but when this was not accepted, he began to become obsessed with Mr. Lee from then on.

The bereaved family exposed Mr. A’s assault and harassment by attaching photos of his bruised arm and content from conversations on social media .

Prior to killing Mr. Lee on July 17, Mr. A was reported for social violence in February, and was arrested as a red-handed offender while wandering around Mr. Lee’s house in June.

Accordingly, the court ordered Mr. A not to approach within 100 meters of the victim or his residence and not to approach using telecommunications, but Mr. A ultimately did not comply and committed a crime.

The bereaved family claimed that Mr. Lee wore a smart watch provided by the police to stalking victims for nearly a month, but returned it after receiving instructions from the police four days before his death.

At the same time, he was angry when he heard that Mr. A’s murder was not a revenge killing based on a report.

The police attempted to apply retaliatory murder under the Aggravated Punishment Act for Specific Crimes, which carries a heavier penalty than murder under the Criminal Act, but decided that it did not meet메이저놀이터 the requirements and maintained the murder charge against Mr. A.

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