“I thought it was a ghost”… Woman caught pushing stroller in tunnel

There is controversy because a woman was seen walking along the shoulder of a tunnel inside a tunnel, pushing a stroller.

Recently, JTBC released a reported video showing a woman pushing a stroller in an underground tunnel from Olympic Expressway to Gyeongin Expressway at around 6:42 pm on the 6th.

Mr. A, who reported the black box video, was passing through an underpass at the time when he noticed a car stopped on the shoulder of the road.

The informant said that while she was thinking메이저놀이터, ‘Did she have an accident?’, she noticed a woman pushing a child in a stroller.

It is not known whether the woman was the owner of the car parked on the shoulder of the road or why the woman had to push the stroller in such a dangerous way in the underpass.

Netizens who watched the video responded, “Did they get out of the car because they were angry after fighting in the car?”, “I think it’s a real ghost,” and “It seems like there are unavoidable circumstances, but it’s a very unreasonable scene.”

Over the past three years, the number of deaths due to secondary accidents on the highway has reached approximately 80. In particular, the fatality rate in the second accident was known to be 56%, which is seven times higher than the fatality rate in the first accident.

Additionally, as the tunnel is dark and difficult for drivers to see, walking through it can lead to a serious accident.

Last month, a person in his 40s who suffered from a mild disability was hit and killed by a car following him while riding an electric wheelchair in a tunnel in Incheon. At the time, the driver stated, “I couldn’t slow down because I didn’t see the electric wheelchair.”

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