Chair without back legs, worried about whether it will hold up to 130kg Kim Jong-un… North Korean attendants replaced in a hurry

While North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was visiting Russia, North Korean entourage members were seen fidgeting with the chair he was scheduled to sit on.

On the 14th (local time), Russian daily Kommersant and others reported in detail the North Korean entourage preparing for the summit meeting between Chairman Kim and President Vladimir Putin held at the Vostochny Cosmodrome in Russia’s Amur Region the previous day.

According to reports, North Korean attendants were perplexed when they saw the chair Chairman Kim would sit on and shook his head. It appears that the problem was the design of the chair, which had no back legs. The media reported that the attendant appeared nervous and repeatedly sat down and stood up from the chair.

If you look at the video of the situation at the time, three or four attendants dressed in black suits rush to the seat where Chairman Kim is to sit and check the chair. It also appears that he is applying force as if he is trying to check the durability of the chair.

Afterwards, he said something to an official at the scene and replaced the chair that Kim Jong-un was supposed to sit on with one of the other chairs that the ministers who would be attending the meeting would sit on. The design was the same, but it supposedly appeared safer for field crews.

The attendants’ ‘ordeal’ did not end here. They put on white안전놀이터 gloves, took out a white cloth, and thoroughly wiped and disinfected the back and armrests of the replaced chair. He also left only after scanning the chair with a device that appeared to be a small metal detector.

While this whole process was going on, the chair for Putin to sit on was just placed on the right, and the Russian side showed no particular interest, creating a contrast. Due to the different moods of the two sides, local Russian media reported, “North Korea’s biggest concern was the chair,” and “This was a matter of life and death not only for the leader (Kim Jong-un), but also for them.”

Overseas online media, including Britain’s Daily Mail, also highlighted this situation and commented, “The two leaders talked about friendship, but North Korea did not try to leave anything suspicious.” At the same time, he said that the reason the attendants risked their lives to check the chair was because they suspected that Putin had poisoned the chair, and presented an analysis that “Kim Jong-un did not trust Putin.”

The unusual appearance of the attendants was observed even outside the conference hall. The entourage arrived in Russia on the 12th, the day before the meeting, and attracted attention by running around the train platform holding something while waiting for Chairman Kim to arrive. The device they were carrying was known as a portable weather observation device that checked temperature, wind speed, and dew point.

Additionally, it is reported that when Chairman Kim arrived at the meeting venue and met with President Putin, there was a fierce battle for positions between North Korean and Russian photographers.

The North Korean reporters did not move even a centimeter and seemed to have no intention of yielding, holding their positions. Regarding this situation, a Kommersant reporter said, “I will unconditionally yield to my North Korean colleagues. It was a matter of life and death for them. “He said.

President Putin, who saw reporters from both countries fighting fiercely, personally intervened, saying, “Let’s get along better.”

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