‘K League 1 3rd place’ Gwangju FC, challenges undefeated in 10 games

Gwangju FC, a professional soccer team with the best performance of all time, will attempt to go undefeated for 10 consecutive games this weekend.

The opponent is FC Seoul, and although they are inferior in this year’s head-to-head record, Gwangju FC is determined to solidify 3rd place in K League 1 based on their recent upward trend.

This is reporter Son Junsu.


A powerful shot following a quick counterattack.

An impenetrable defense that completely blocks opponent attacks.

Gwangju FC was perfect in offense and defense and won소닉카지노 against last year’s champion Ulsan for the first time in eight years.

With this win, Gwangju FC moved up to 3rd place in K League 1 with an undefeated streak of 9 consecutive games.

[Lee Soon-min/Gwangju FC Midfielder: “It was an away game and we could have collapsed, but the fact that we were able to hold on and win as a team until the end without systematically collapsing gave me the feeling that ‘we are becoming stronger and more solid.’ “]

Gwangju FC, who finished the international break, will now face traditional powerhouse FC Seoul.

Gwangju FC faced FC Seoul twice this year and lost both times.

Coach Lee Jeong-hyo, who felt disappointed with decisions such as a canceled goal and sending off in the previous game, pledged revenge against FC Seoul.

In particular, key strikers such as Ahsani and Uhm Uhm-seong, who missed the last game against Ulsan, have joined the team, so they are expected to show off exciting attacking soccer.

[Lee Jeong-hyo/Gwangju FC coach: “I’m only thinking about ‘How can I score a goal against FC Seoul?’ and ‘How can I continue to be aggressive and go in the direction we’re pursuing consistently, no matter who goes in or who doesn’t?’ .”]

Gwangju FC is challenging the best record of all time, going beyond the promotion of the team.

Gwangju FC will attempt to go undefeated for 10 consecutive games against FC Seoul at the Seoul World Cup Stadium the day after tomorrow (17th).

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