“done!” Why did the cafe owner and customer, seeing each other for the first time, put their hands together and jump up and down?

Three people are gathered together in a cafe. I think I’m staring at my cell phone on the table. Suddenly, two women are stamping their feet and clapping their hands in great joy.

The boy said, “Wow, that’s noisy” and blocked her ears.

He is so happy that he even puts his hands together and smiles brightly. He is happy as if he won the lottery.

The reason they liked it so much is because they succeeded in purchasing tickets for singer Lim Young-woong’s concert.

This video is titled ‘I’ll get you a ticket for Lim Young-woong, a customer I’ve met for the first time.’ It is becoming a hot topic among netizens바카라사이트.

The cafe owner who uploaded the video said, “I helped a customer who was nervous because he didn’t know how to reserve a ticket, and fortunately, he was successful in getting a ticket.” He also left a witty note, saying, “Mr. Lim Young-woong, the fans like it so much, shouldn’t you perform in the Honam plains next time?” It is.


Lim Young-woong, who says it’s difficult… that’s amazing. It deserves cheers.

I wonder if fans will flock to this cafe as a ‘ticket spot’ in the future.


Lim Young-woong also left a comment himself. He said, “I’m crying too. It’s so heartwarming!” This comment has close to 4,000 likes… It makes you realize how popular it is.

Meanwhile, Lim Young-woong’s national tour Seoul concert was said to have sold out in just one minute as soon as tickets opened.

It’s literally ‘picketing’; it’s so intense that it makes your blood splatter. For your next concert, why not consider the vast Honam Plain?

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