“The reason why the medical school’s GPA is in the 1 point range”… Jo Min reveals her first essay collection

Cho Min, daughter of former Minister Cho Kuk, announced the publication of an essay collection.

On the 18th, Mr. Cho announced on his Instagram that he was publishing his essay ‘I’m Moving Forward Today’ and said, “I published the first book in my life. Although it was clumsy, I tried to be sincere.”

According to the publishing industry, Cho’s first essay collection, ‘We’re Moving Forward Today’, is currently registered at major online bookstores and will be available at bookstores starting on the 19th.

In the essay, it is known that Mr. Cho not only mentioned stories from his childhood to medical school and after his father, former Minister Cho’s nomination, but also mentioned the controversial issues such as his 1-point GPA during medical graduate school and the Porsche car controversy.

According to a partially revealed part, Mr. Cho first asked about the reason why he received a grade point average of 1.13 while attending the Pusan ​​National University Medical School, saying, “At the Medical School, even if you have a good grade point average, if you get an F in just one subject, you will repeat the grade,” and “I graduated in the second semester of 2018, when I was a senior. “I received an F in one subject and repeated the grade for the second time. My grade at the time was 3.41/4.0, equivalent to ‘honors’,” he explained.

He said, “When I first received a repeat grade, I did not take all the remaining exams as soon as I got an F in one subject. Because if I get even one F in a subject, I have to retake the semester,” and “That’s why the 1 point grade that is being talked about on the Internet is. “It came out,” he added.

The essay also mentions the court’s decision in June to acquit a cast member of the YouTube channel ‘Garo Sero Research Institute’ (hereinafter referred to as Ka Se-yeon), who was indicted on charges of defamation after claiming that Mr. Cho drives a Porsche car.

Mr. Cho said, “My friends have no political background or prejudice, so they laughed ignorantly when an article said that I was driving a Porsche. I was angry, but everyone was laughing and having fun.” It wasn’t until 2023 that it was revealed to be ‘false.’ However, even though the court confirmed that I had never driven a Porsche, it acquitted lawyer Kang Yong-seok and other hosts of Ga Se-yeon who spread this false information. I couldn’t understand it,” he said.

Mr. Cho is SNSRegarding the reason for continuing his active activities, he said, “People forced and advised me to hide, but I didn’t want to do that. I thought it was right to believe in myself and do what I want to live my life. “I have to decide for myself what to do, when to do it, and how to do it,” he emphasized.

Mr. Cho started his YouTuber activity last 메이저놀이터May and is gaining popularity, recently surpassing 300,000 subscribers.

Recently, he directly advertised red ginseng products on his YouTube, calling it a ‘Jomin advertisement you can trust.’

Meanwhile, on the 10th of last month, the prosecution indicted Mr. Cho without detention on charges of using false official documents, obstruction of business, and obstruction of official duties through fraud.

When the news of the prosecution’s indictment became known, Mr. Cho posted a photo of what appeared to be a San Francisco Airport information board on social media , writing, “If there is any responsibility, I will humbly take responsibility.”

When some netizens who were presumed to be supporters of Mr. Cho’s trip to the United States expressed concern, saying, “He just looks like he is resting too much,” Mr. Cho replied, “I decide the direction, width, and speed of my steps.”

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