“I refuse German tanks”…Ukraine refuses to receive them due to defects

The British daily Telegraph reported on the 19th local time that Ukraine discovered defects in a number of Leopard 1 tanks supplied메이저놀이터 by Germany and refused to receive them.

This is the second time defects have been discovered in German support tanks.

Ukraine discovered the defect when it recently received 10 German-supported Leopard 1 tanks from the southern Polish city of Rzeszow , the newspaper said.

It has been reported that Ukraine refused to receive the tank on the grounds that it could not repair the defects on its own due to a lack of skilled tank repairers.

Germany, which sent its own engineers to inspect the tank, also admitted that the vehicle was not functioning properly and needed further repairs before it could be deployed to the front line.

Der Spiegel reported that Germany is embarrassed by a series of technical problems occurring in the tanks it provided to Ukraine.

The tanks in question this time are the second batch of 110 Leopard 1 tanks that Germany decided to provide to Ukraine, and Ukraine previously announced that there were serious technical problems with the first 10 tanks delivered in July.

Some speculate that the tank may have broken down due to wear and tear while Ukrainian soldiers were receiving intensive operational training with the Leopard 1 tank last spring.

However, Germany, which has led the way in providing weapons to Ukraine, suffered a loss of face by causing a disruption in the supply of essential weapons at a time when the Ukrainian army was carrying out an intensive counterattack against the Russian army.

The German government approved the export of 178 Leopard 1 tanks to Ukraine last February, and decided to cooperate with allies to provide about 100 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine.

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