Lee Jae-myung will be examined for warrants as early as the Chuseok holiday… Fasting variables still remain

As the motion to arrest Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the메이저놀이터 Democratic Party of Korea, passed the National Assembly threshold, Lee was subject to a court review of an arrest warrant.

This is the first time in constitutional history that the leader of the main opposition party has been placed under arrest.

Prosecutors are concentrating on preparing for the substantive examination of the warrant.

Let’s connect with a reporter from the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office to hear more details.

Reporter Lee Dong-hoon.


Yes, the motion for the arrest of Representative Lee Jae-myeong was passed by the National Assembly, and Representative Lee will be interrogated as a suspect before his arrest in court.

This is the first time in constitutional history that the leader of the main opposition party has faced imprisonment.

The prosecution responded that it was fortunate that the National Assembly passed the arrest motion and is now focusing on preparing for the substantive examination of the warrant.

The court is expected to actively emphasize the need for Representative Lee’s detention, focusing on concerns about destruction of evidence.

The prosecution, which devoted about 50 pages of the 140-page warrant request to the need for arrest, believed that in the Baekhyeon-dong case in particular, CEO Lee used his personnel authority to give illegal instructions to the working staff and was shifting responsibility.

Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon also supported the prosecution’s logic before the vote, saying, “The pinnacle of large-scale corruption is Rep. Lee Jae-myeong, and if Rep. Lee is left out, the criminal facts of already-arrested working-level officials are a structure that makes no sense.”

Regarding the suspicion of remittances to North Korea, Representative Lee pointed out that he leaked official documents from Gyeonggi Province and used them as material to respond to the prosecution’s investigation, and it is believed that there is a high risk of destroying evidence by placating former Gyeonggi Province Deputy Governor Lee Hwa-young, who is on trial.

Considering the precedents of Rep. Ha Young-je of the People’s Power Party, which took four days from the date of approval to the date of review, and Rep. Lee Sang-jik, who took five days two years ago, the prospect that the warrant review of Representative Lee will be held next week at the latest is weighted.

However, considering that Representative Lee is in the hospital on his 22nd day of fasting and that the trial schedule for charges of violating the Public Official Election Act has been delayed, there is a possibility that Representative Lee’s health may become a variable in the designation of the warrant review date or the review itself.

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