Chef Chang-wook Jeong, ‘cold dish star’… Sentencing postponed in second trial on charges of ‘threat and assault with a weapon’

The sentencing of famous chef Jeong Chang-wook (43), who was sent to trial on charges of assaulting an acquaintance and threatening him with a weapon, was postponed. The court ordered, “We will give you one more chance, so please show your efforts.”

On the 22nd, Seoul Central District Court Criminal Appeal Division 8-1 (Chief Judges Kim Ik-hwan, Kim Bong-gyu, and Kim Jin-young먹튀검증) postponed the sentencing date of Jeong Chang-wook, who was indicted on charges of special threats and assault. The court said, “I think we will have to make some efforts to recover the damage suffered by the victims. We will give you one more chance, so please show that you are making an effort to recover the damage, whether by reaching an agreement with the victims or paying a deposit.” revealed.

Jung Chang-wook is accused of assaulting YouTube channel staff members A and B and threatening them with a weapon in the kitchen because he was angry after finishing filming for YouTube in Hawaii, USA, in August 2021. In June of the same year, he was also accused of swearing and threatening with a weapon during an argument with Mr. A regarding YouTube filming at a restaurant he runs in Seoul.

At the second trial held on the 30th of last month, Mr. Jeong admitted the charges, saying, “I reflect on causing social controversy and causing irreparable harm to the victim.” At the same time, he appealed for leniency, saying, “I will serve society so that I can become a faithful member of society.”

On this day, Mr. Jeong’s lawyer said, “We requested an agreement, but it was not reached, so we deposited it with a sincere apology. He appealed to the court, saying, “Please take into account the fact that I am asking for a deep apology and forgiveness. He is known to have paid an additional deposit of 20 million won to the court. Chef Chang-wook Jeong made his name known by appearing on JTBC’s ‘Please Take Care of My

Refrigerator . ‘ He gained popularity by appearing on programs, doing broadcasting activities, running a cooking YouTube channel, and actively communicating with fans.

However, controversy arose in January last year when Mr. A, a staff member on Mr. Jeong’s YouTube channel, released a video containing Mr. Jeong’s verbal abuse and threats. Mr.

Jeong was sentenced to 10 months in prison in the first trial in September last year, but appealed against the sentence.

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