“One flower costs 3,500 won”… Shine Muscat’s ‘original’ Japan sighs because of ‘Korea’? 

The issue keyword is time.

Let’s look at the first keyword. ‘Shine Muscat’.

This fruit is famous for being expensive.

Still, it is said to be popular as a Chuseok gift set these days, and Japan is said to be in deep trouble because of this ‘Shine Muscat’.

This is because the price has fallen.

The price, which used to exceed 20,000 won per bunch, has now dropped to less than half.

In some regions, it is said that you can buy it for 398 yen메이저놀이터, or 3,500 won in Korean money.

The reason why the price of Shine Muscat has dropped so much is because the cultivation area has increased and this year’s crop has been good.

Another reason is ‘export’.

Shine Muscat is a breed developed in Japan.

However, it is said that Korea is the country that exports well.

This is because Japan has not registered the variety in Korea, so the number of farmers in Korea has increased.

Fortunately, Hong Kong and Taiwan bought a lot of Japanese Shine Muscat, but the Japanese media reported that they were facing negative news due to the discharge of contaminated water.

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