‘League system and division differentiation’ acts as a growth engine

The WKBL youth basketball club competition is growing thanks to the league system and division differentiation.

WKBL successfully completed the first round of the 2023 WKBL Youth Basketball Club League match at the Jangan University gymnasium on the 24th. WKBL youth basketball club league matches are held in four categories (U9, U11, U13, U16), with a total of 36 games played in each round.

WKBL has been operating youth basketball club competitions under a league system and division system since 2022. A change was made from the existing structure of group preliminaries and tournaments.

WKBL adopted a league system to provide many opportunities for youth players. The existing competition, which was operated as a group preliminaries and tournament, was only a one-time event. However, the league system allows for three competitions to be held from September to November.

Youth athletes also grow as they compete in more competitions. Recognize what you lack in round 1 and try to make up for it in round 2.스포츠토토 Teams that achieve good results develop their strengths further.

The division system is also WKBL’s plan for the growth of youth players. It adds a competitive element and allows players to compete according to their skills.

Youth basketball club league matches are divided into divisions based on the results of the previous round. Teams with matching skills can compete with each other. Teams that improve can be promoted to a higher division in the next round and compete at a high level. 

In the first round, we were able to see quite a few games with a large score difference. It was a result that could make it difficult for both the team that won big and the team that lost big to be satisfied.

However, starting from the second round, you can compete with teams of your level. A side effect is that the ascending and descending elements can make the competition a little more exciting.

The league system and division differentiation seemed complicated at first glance. At the same time, we were able to get a glimpse of WKBL’s deep concerns. Thanks to WKBL’s efforts, youth players are growing one step further.

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