“First, the Korean goddess went there too, then”… JMS second-in-command female pastor makes ‘shocking revelation’

Kim Ji-seon (44, female), the ‘second in command’ who was indicted on charges of participating in the sexual assault crime of Christian Gospel Missionary Society (JMS) President Jung Myeong-seok, said she had been hearing stories about church members being victims of sexual crimes since the end of 2018 .

According to Yonhap News, in the 10th trial of the alleged quasi-rape case held at the Daejeon District Court Criminal Division 12 (Presiding Judge Na Sang-hoon) on the 26th, Mr. Kim said through the defendant’s newspaper, “At first, I heard that he touched a key part of the body of a female Korean believer. “We have also received reports that other foreign female believers have suffered damage,” he said.

He said that he did not think that the words of the believers were lies, and about the reason for condoning the crime, he said, “I asked him and he said no, and I was confused as I had believed and followed him as the Messiah for 20 years,” and claimed that he did not participate in or aid the crime.

Regarding Mr. Jeong’s crime against Maple and Amy, the victims of this incident, he said, “It’s not good emotionally because (the victims) lied so much, but I think (they must have suffered),” and “Because we had that feeling, our organization apologized. “I wanted to do it, and that’s why I was토토사이트 ostracized from the mission,” he protested.

In the past, when asked if he thought Jeong was the Messiah, he said he would refuse to testify, but when asked the same question, he said, “I will replace it with saying that only Jesus is the Messiah.”

Next, when asked whether the JMS doctrine could explain why the leader gave underwear to his followers or asked for swimsuit photos, he simply said, “I cannot explain it according to doctrine.”

Mr. Kim, known as Mr. Jeong’s ‘successor’, is accused of participating in Jeong Myeong-seok’s quasi-rape crime by giving pajamas to Maple (29), a Hong Kong-born female student, and telling her to ‘sleep here while protecting the Lord’ between March and April 2018. He was arrested and indicted.

Mr. Jeong is currently indicted on charges of sexually assaulting or molesting Maple 23 times at a training center in Wolmyeong-dong from February 2018 to September 2021, and sexually harassing Amy (30), an Australian female female believer, and a female Korean female believer (quasi-rape, etc.). He is undergoing trial.

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