Show host Jeong Yun-jeong, who was kicked out for swearing, begins to return… “See you soon”

Show host Jeong Yun-jeong, who was suspended indefinitely from Hyundai Home Shopping for swearing during a live broadcast, has begun a comeback after only half a year.

According to the industry on the 26th, NS Home Shopping signed a product sales contract with Nature & Nature, a cosmetics company where Mr. Jeong is vice president, and scheduled a broadcast starting on October 21. It is known that Mr. Jeong recently visited the NS Home Shopping headquarters in person and attended a meeting related to sales of Nature & Nature products.

It is known that Mr. Jeong will appear on the air as a show host under Nature & Nature, which signed a contract with NS Home Shopping as a partner rather than a direct contract, sparking controversy over his ‘trick return’.

NS Home Shopping said that it is true that a broadcast메이저놀이터 for the sale of Nature & Nature products has been scheduled, but that Mr. Jeong’s appearance has not been confirmed.

Previously, on the 13th, Ms. Jeong mentioned the name of an overseas cosmetics brand on Instagram and wrote, “We’ll see you soon,” hinting at her return to show hosting activities. His post was soon deleted, as if aware of the negative public opinion.

Mr. Jeong, who was famous as a popular ‘sold out’ show host, received complaints from viewers on January 28th by complaining mixed with profanity when he could not end the broadcast early even though the products were sold out during a home shopping broadcast. At the time, Mr. Jeong said, “ XX , I was planning to go out and have fun (after finishing the broadcast quickly) .”

When the production crew requested a correction during the broadcast, Mr. Jeong seemed to think it was no big deal and said, “Can I make a correction?” “I’m good at corrections,” he said. “What did you do with inappropriate language?” I forgot. I apologize for occasionally using inappropriate language during the broadcast, but please view it as an entertainment show. He heightened the controversy by saying, “Can’t home shopping also enter the era of entertainment?”

After the broadcast, many complaints were filed with the Korea Communications Standards Commission regarding Jeong’s profanity, and the Advertising Standards Subcommittee of the Korea Communications Standards Commission decided to impose legal sanctions on the broadcast. Afterwards, Hyundai Home Shopping imposed an indefinite ban on Mr. Jeong from its home shopping broadcasts, which was effectively regarded as his expulsion from the industry.

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