Parents in Gangnam, Gangnam, who were caught in a group chat room… teachers are angry

It was reported that parents of an elementary school in Gangnam, Seoul created an anonymous group KakaoTalk room to insult teachers and systematically file complaints with the school. The elementary school teachers’ union called it a “serious violation of teaching rights” and demanded that the competent authority report the parents.

On the 27th, the elementary school teachers’ union, regarding the suspicion that parents of A Elementary School in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, committed ‘violation of teaching rights’ in a group chat room called ‘A Elementary Lovers’ Group, said, “The teacher’s real name, rank, and class he or she is in charge of were mentioned and publicly identified. “It has been confirmed that there have been many acts of intimidation, leakage of personal information, violation of the obligation to respect educational activities, personal attacks, disparagement, and sarcasm.”

The conversation confirmed by the union shows, “She’s crazy,” “She’s not a good person,” and “I guess your health hasn’t improved much.” It appears that personal attacks were made toward the teacher, such as “I think we need to do an autopsy.” In addition, it is said that threatening comments were posted regarding the teacher’s educational activities, such as “We will see what kind of influence he will have on the children in the future,” referring to specific grades and classes.

“I think I’ll come to my senses once I get a proper hold of my collar.”, “Solve this before the dads come forward. These are the people who put an end to decent fathers when they step forward. There were also intimidating contents such as “It’s not for no reason that society calls me nada.”

The union said, “It went beyond cyber violence and actually led to malicious complaints directed at A Elementary School and harassment of teachers. The teachers at A Elementary School’s irregular transfers, hopes of escaping from school due to dismissal from council, complaints of anxiety, and complaints of difficulty in educational activities are at a very serious level.” reported.

In response, the union claimed, “We urge메이저사이트 the competent authority to recognize this as a serious violation of educational rights, collect related data from the relevant company, file a complaint for punishment, and take strict follow-up action.” The amendment to the Teacher Status Act (Special Act for Improving the Status of Teachers and Protecting Educational Activities), which passed the plenary session of the National Assembly on the 21st, newly included ‘the act of repeatedly raising complaints for unjustified purposes’ as an act of violating teaching rights.

The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education is reviewing support measures for schools and teachers. An official from the city education office said, “The department in charge is aware of the controversial content and is reviewing follow-up support measures,” and added, “The specific details have not been decided.”

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