The Democratic Party started the ‘impeachment of Dong-Hoon Han’… People Power Party “Dismissal does not mean innocence”

Today (27th), both the ruling and opposition parties held an unscheduled general meeting of lawmakers and took follow-up responses. The Democratic Party demanded an apology from the president and began impeaching Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon, while the People Power Party strongly protested, saying that the dismissal of the warrant did not mean acquittal, even using the expression “left-leaning judge.”

This is reporter Ryu Jeong-hwa.


The Democratic Party erupted in applause at the news of Representative Lee Jae-myung’s warrant being dismissed.

[Hong Ik-pyo/New Democratic Party floor leader: I felt like I received a very big gift as soon as I took office. Right?]

The Democratic Party is in the position of considering토토사이트 impeachment of Attorney General Han Dong-hoon, saying that the warrant request itself was political retaliation.

[Cheong-rae Jeong/Supreme Member of the Democratic Party of Korea: A public apology from Han Dong-hoon and Yoon Seok-yeol is needed. Additionally, we ask President Yoon Seok-yeol to immediately dismiss Minister Han Dong-hoon.] The

People Power Party, which had weighed in on the prospect of arrest, even postponed its scheduled Chuseok homecoming greetings and held an emergency general meeting of lawmakers.

[The entire nation is angry at the release of unauthorized persons. {I am angry. I am angry.}]

He said that the court gave in to pressure from the Democratic Party’s hard-core supporters and emphasized that the ‘dismissal’ of the warrant does not mean ‘not guilty.’

[Kim Ki-hyun/Representative of the People Power Party: The crime is suspected and the charges are explained, but the conclusion is that the warrant is dismissed, which is an incoherent, sophistical decision. This is absurd logic.]

In particular, it was discovered that in the closed-door meeting, crude criticism was poured out against the judge in charge of the warrant, such as “a decision written without even knowing what was being said” and “a left-leaning judge.”

As the Democratic Party launched a counterattack against the ruling party, the People Power Party decided to demand the resignation of Representative Lee Jae-myung, saying that some of the charges had been cleared.

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