They say you can live with 100 million won… A new concept of housing that even large corporations are jumping into, what is it?

LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics, which are engaged in new businesses in a variety of fields, have recently been attracting attention by introducing innovative houses. The main characters are small modular homes equipped with home appliances promoted by each company.

It is no longer limited to selling home appliances such as TVs , refrigerators, and washing machines, but is also introducing futuristic residential spaces that aim for ‘smart homes’ and ‘zero carbon emissions.’

‘ LG Smart Cottage’ is in the spotlight as a second home.

LG Electronics is currently preparing to commercialize ‘ LG Smart Cottage’ with GS Construction. LG Smart Cottage refers to a small modular house that uses LG Electronics’ energy, heating, cooling and air conditioning technology and differentiated premium home appliances. It is made using a pre-production method, breaking away from the uniform design method of an apartment, and is characterized by being installed in a location desired by the consumer. An LG Electronics official said, “Recently, as more and more people pursue new lifestyles such as working (enjoying vacations while working) or 5 cities and 2 villages (5 days in the city and 2 days in the countryside), more and more people are setting up second homes in suburban areas and rural areas. “The demand is increasing,” he said. “Each local government is already showing high interest in smart cottages to meet this demand for second homes.” As the size of modular housing grows in Korea, LG Electronics has introduced Smart Cottage as a residential living solution that combines energy, heating and cooling technologies and premium home appliances. According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Korea Steel Association, the size of the domestic modular construction market soared from 26.8 billion won in 2020 to 175.7 billion won in 2022. The construction industry predicts that the domestic modular housing market will grow to 1 trillion won within 5 years. LG, introduced by LG Electronics last March

Looking at the Smart Cottage prototype, it is a two-story one-room structure with a size of 31.4㎡ (approximately 9.5 pyeong). The living room and kitchen are in one space, and the bedroom is located on the second floor. A 4kW solar panel is installed on the roof to produce some of the energy used in the house.

In particular, in Europe, smart cottages are attracting attention as buildings that can self-generate some of the energy used at home. LG Electronics emphasized, “We have significantly reduced energy consumption by installing a heat pump heating and cooling system in the smart cottage, which is already very popular in the European market due to its high energy efficiency.”

Samsung Electronics’ ‘Tiny House’ targeting single-person households

Samsung Electronics exhibited ‘Tiny House’, a small modular house targeting single-person households, at ‘ IFA 2023’, Europe’s largest home appliance exhibition held in Berlin, Germany this year.

In relation to this, Park Chan-woo, head of the Service Biz Group of Samsung Electronics’ Home Appliances Division, said, “Tiny House was built in cooperation with the No. 1 small modular house business in Germany메이저놀이터,” and added, “The price is 70,000 euros, or about 100 million won.”

Tiny House, above all else, aims to be a ‘Net Zero Home ’ , an eco-friendly form of housing. ‘Net zero home’ refers to a future housing type that aims to achieve zero net carbon emissions.

To this end, Samsung Electronics worked to streamline the power usage of various devices. The goal of Net Zero Home is to create a residential environment with virtually no carbon emissions by directly producing, storing, and utilizing energy at home. Additionally, Tiny House can be managed by connecting

Samsung Electronics’ TVs , home appliances, and Galaxy mobile devices with ‘Smart Things’.

SmartThings Energy supports the ‘Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) Saving Mode’ function that can further reduce energy usage of home appliances. This helps you easily practice energy conservation in your daily life.

Samsung Electronics plans to soon release a modular house in Korea in cooperation with a modular company.

An industry insider said, “Given that the price of the Tiny House released by Samsung Electronics is about 100 million won excluding the internal appliances, it is attractive enough in that you can have a small modular house as a second home for 130 to 40 million won even including the appliances. “He said.

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