“This grandmother retired at the age of 100”… What’s the secret?

A grandmother who retired at the age of 100 revealed the secret to her longevity. According to CNBC

on the 29th (local time), Madeline Pardo, who retired at the age of 100 this year, worked for over 80 years from the age of 18 to 99, but said, “I didn’t really want to retire.” His family ran a sign business producing electrical signs in Chicago, USA, and Paldo was in charge of office work. He had many opportunities to interact with customers, and he also said it was his favorite job he had done in 80 years. “I liked working with people,” said Paldo. “I enjoyed it more because I was the only one responsible for the office work. “I loved going to work,” he said. Even at the age of 100, Paldo maintains a socially healthy life, such as having dinner with his children and participating in family events. His healthy eating habits and exercise also appear to have had a positive effect on his longevity. Paldo has maintained a plant-based diet his entire life and leads an active lifestyle. “Many centenarians say relationships, family, community and friends are important to them,” said Dr. Sophia Millman, director of human longevity research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Institute on Aging. “Centenarians are generally more optimistic, and their outlook is also positive,” Dr. Millman said, adding, “However, it is unclear whether centenarians are naturally positive or whether they have developed a positive outlook as they age.”

“I don’t get stressed because I think there is nothing I can’t solve,” said Paldo. “I’m really lucky to live this healthy at the age of 100. “There is nothing to complain about,” he said.

For a healthy life, we practice a healthy diet, regular exercise, and abstinence from smoking and drinking.

However, according to the latest research, although healthy lifestyle habits are important, ‘positive thinking’ appears to be more closely related to disease-free longevity.

According to a study conducted by Harvard over 80 years starting in 1938 with 724 participants from around the world, positive interpersonal relationships help people live happier and longer lives.

“Mental health is important… “Positive mindset”

In fact, in the United States, the number메이저놀이터 of people living to 100 has doubled in 10 years. In order to live long, the health of the mind is as important as the health of the body.

Longevity people who live to 100 say that a ‘positive mindset’ is the secret to longevity. In an interview with CNBC,

103-year-old Ruth Swiedler said, “I think the secret to living a long life is being praised from a young age and developing a positive personality.” “A positive attitude plays an important role in longevity when it comes to overcoming stressful situations,” said David Watson, professor of psychology. “People with a positive attitude quickly find balance by telling themselves, ‘This isn’t that big of a problem.’ “We regain it,” he explained. He added, “Conscientious people not only tend to drink in moderation and eat balanced meals, but they also have lower accident rates because they don’t do stupid things.” He also said, “Conscientiousness can increase as you get older,” and advised, “If you want to increase conscientiousness, first of all, be punctual and try to keep your promises.”

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