“I came running swinging an umbrella”… Investigation into middle-aged woman accused of assaulting Kim Tae-woo at campaign rally

The police launched an investigation after receiving a report that a campaign worker for People Power Party candidate Kim Tae-woo, who is running in the by-election for Gangseo-gu mayor in Seoul scheduled for the 11th, was assaulted by a middle-aged woman during a campaign rally.

According to Seoul Gangseo Police Station, on the 30th of last month at around 6:45 pm, a female election campaigner who was campaigning at the Bangsin Market intersection in Banghwa-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul was assaulted with an umbrella by a middle-aged woman named A who suddenly ran up to her.

A male campaign worker who said he was assaulted while filming the assault scene at the scene said, “A speech was being made in support of Candidate Kim from the general public in a campaign vehicle.” He added, “A middle-aged woman was crossing the crosswalk and approached the campaign vehicle brandishing an umbrella.” He said.

He said, “I hurriedly took a video with my camera just in case,” and “she then hit the female election campaigner with an umbrella and then hit me with her fist, telling me not to film.”

A male campaign worker said, “Mr. A said with an acquaintance, ‘We are the Democratic Party,’ and he seemed to have had a bit to drink메이저사이트.”

In the video filmed at the time, Mr. A, who was passing by on the sidewalk, suddenly attacks a female campaign worker wielding a black umbrella and holding a sign promoting candidate Kim’s pledge. Ms. A raises her black umbrella and slams it down on her campaign staff. A female election campaigner lifts the sign she was holding to block her umbrella and hides behind a telephone pole.

As another woman next to her stops A by pulling her away, A turns around and lunges at another campaigner who is filming her, brandishing her umbrella. She then swung her umbrella at a male campaign worker who was filming her with a camera.

The police are conducting an investigation on charges of simple assault and special assault using a dangerous object.

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